What Rules and Regulations are In Place for Waste Water?

Governments in countries such as the UK, Canada and the USA – just to name a few – are very stringent when it comes to the rules and regulations that are put in place for the disposal of waste water. A substantial amount of money collected from taxpayers goes into the water treatment facilities that are strategically located throughout these countries.

While many components of infrastructure may be allowed to slip, waste water management cannot be allowed to enter into this. If waste water is not properly handled then it opens up the doors for a great deal of illnesses and diseases that would place an extremely heavy burden on the health care system.

Diseases that have been virtually eradicated from these top countries could easily surface again because of waste water, if it is not continued to be handled properly.

Surprisingly enough, just going back to 1993 in Milwaukee, USA, an epidemic claimed over 104 lives and infected about 400,000 people because of a parasite being carried through improperly filtered waste water. This just acts as a serious reminder that caution can never be downgraded when it comes to waste water and safety.

Where the biggest dangers lie is in rural areas in certain countries, where some people may still be living without the basics, such as a flush toilet or bathing facilities and access to clean water supplies. Many places in the so called first world have this kind of problems. Just think of the many homeless living in the outskirt of industrialized big cities: vagrants, migrants as well as gypsy or Romani communities often get their water any way they can, and this includes sources that have not been treated accordingly. At the same time, these vulnerable parts of society may – consciously or not – be responsible for increasing the level of pollution both in water and in the environment at large, because they do not dispose of their waste according to law. It is important that every measure is taken to help these individuals as well as punish those who pollute the cities.